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    Need resources about mx:List, mx:Datagrid, dataProvider in combination with SQLite result




      I am new to Flex and I try to learn.


      I develop an application with a local SQLite. I can make the database, connect to it and retrieve some result with SQlstatements.


      The problem I have is with the display of the this result.



      First it is not clear to me if the returned result is an Array or an Object. The function is


      private function selectfilesResult(eventObj:Event):void
                      selectfiles = eventObj.target.getResult().data;


      What do ...getResult().data return??? What's the difference with ...getResult() Is there a way to know it? Is there a way to "see" into Objects ?


      I think that this is important to understand the problem I have.




      When I populate the mx:Datagrid component with the dataProvider with the result ( dataProvider="{ selectfiles }" ) and the use of dataField all went well: the list is displayed.


      When I try to use the same result with mx:List component I get some [object Object] as displayed list.

      When I try to use dataProvider="{ selectfiles.description }" (description is one of the fields) everything is empty.


      What is the difference between dataGrid and List ? Can you point me to other resources to digg a little deeper in this?


      Thanks in advance,