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    Try resetting camera error-New user account works

      I went to capture using a Sony DSR-11 in Premiere and got this error. I have recently (over three months ago) have only been using a JVC HD-100 camera in Premiere Pro to capture with no problems. After many tries, I researched Adobe and went through there correction method with multiple steps for correction. In the end, when I created a new user in Windows and logged into the new user, Premiere Pro sees the deck with no problem. I then went by there steps and switched back to my log-in and it fails giving me the same error.
      So this has to be a DV codec, registry type of issue. I tried using Graphedit as mentioned in one of the steps, to find the problem dll but can't locate it. I also did the delete the 1394 device in one of the suggested steps and Windows re-installed the 1394 driver but it did not fix the problem.


      Any ideas on what/where to look? I would really hate to switch back and forth between user accounts just to capture and I would hate even more to migrate to the new user account.


      Thanks in advance,


      Jose Burgos