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    Jerky panning 5D vs. HVR-A1E


      I have searched across the forum but cannot see anything that specifically relates to this.  I hope someone might be able to point me in the right direction.


      I have two cmeras: Sony HVR-A1E and Canon 5D mkII.  I have shot a fair bit of video with both.  I have processed both in PP CS3 and CS4 - the problem occurs in both.


      The workflow is PAL:

      Sony - upload (either down convert to SD or not as required) into default format generated by upload (I think MPEG2).

      Canon - upload then convert with Media Encoder to P2 format (with whatever codec it chooses)

      Both are now 1080 frame size and 25fps, as is the project.


      I can edit both equally and the content looks like similar quality, apart from some obvious camera differences.  However, in editing there is a distinct difference between a pan or zoom in both cameras.  The Sony produces smooth pans and zooms, the Canon produces jerky ones.  Wondering if this was just apparent in the editing phase I created both a Flash movie and DVD from the footage, but the difference was still apparent.


      Any ideas how to fix this?