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    Vbscript Coldfusion 64bit Not Working


      Hi, I'm in some major need of help with a deadline coming up very quickly.


      Disclaimer: Not a hardware/server guy so I don't know much here.


      I have a dedicated server with 64bit Windows Server 8 and 64bit CF 9.  I have some Vbscript that runs PERFECTLY from the command line but it gets hung up when I run it using CFEXECUTE.  I'd love to use COM objects but apparently that isn't a feature that works with 64bit CF.  I have CFEXECUTE working in other areas but they use .exe not .vbs.




      Dim wordFile, pdfFile
      WScript.Echo "Step 1"
      Set oPrinter = CreateObject("easyPDF.Printer.6")
      WScript.Echo "Step 2"
      Set oPrintJob = oPrinter.PrintJob
      WScript.Echo "Step 3"
      wordFile = "C:\file1.doc"
      pdfFile = "C:\pdffile1.pdf"
      WScript.Echo "Step 4"
      oPrintJob.PrintOut wordFile, pdfFile
      WScript.Echo "Step 5"
      Set oPrintJob = Nothing
      Set oPrinter = Nothing
      WScript.Echo "Step 6"


      CF Code


      <cfexecute name='cscript.exe' arguments='c:\simplepdf.vbs' outputfile='#ExpandPath("pdf_test.txt")#' timeout="50000" />


      Output from cfexecute


      Step 1
      Step 2
      Step 3
      Step 4



      Thanks for any help. Like I said the script runs perfectly when executed through the command line and it obviously starts with the cfexecute.