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    attachMovie Problem

    Varun Upadhyay Level 1

      I am creating two fla file(a.fla, b.fla). In First flash(a.fla), i have placed two empty MovieClips(image_mc, text_mc) are placed on Stage. Now i wrote follwoing code.


      Now in b.fla, I have placed a MovieClip with some design inside library and give the linkage name "Textmc".

      And wrote the following code:

      var as1:MovieClip = _root.image_mc.attachMovie("Textmc", "as", 3);
      trace(as1+", "+_root.image_mc);

      now when i am compiling a.fla then as1 is coming undefined.

      Overall the question is: When i attach movie from library to _parent swf Movieclip then its not attched. Any solution for this?

      Please help me.