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    Uncorrect e-mail address for distribution

    luca.fox Level 1

      Dear All,

      what I'm going to talk about is yet exposed on this discussion (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/525863?tstart=0) but I really couldn't understand how it has been solved. Can someone give me some help?


      I've designed a new form and at the beginning of the wizard I put an e-mail address (info@xxxx.com) for the replies. At the end of the form I've put a "send button" where I've specified a new e-mail address (name@xxxx.com).


      After the distribution process, I distribute the correct file named yyyyyy_distributed.pdf and at the moment of sending it back filled it's proposed the originary address (info@xxxx.com) and not the modified one (name@xxxx.com). It seems it remebers the first settings and it's confirmed by the subject of the e-mail: if I leave the field of the subject empty it uses the same personalized message I used in the first form I did.


      Other infos: I'm trying to distribute the file in order to collect the answers by e-mail. Have the same result trying to distribute via mail or save for next sending.


      Thanks in advance for your support. My regards.