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    Quick skinning question...




      I am using VBox and HBox as a container for a dynamic Website. Users can change the colors of these containers dynamically to match their design. However, because they can select the color, the container is very basic; it contains a solid background color and a solid border color.


      This is all good and well, but I would prefer to jazz up the basic solid color container so it does not look so plain and cheesy. What I would like to do is use the solid background and border, but ADD a semi-transparent skin ON TOP of the background/border. For example, if I wanted to add some glare to the container, I could create a semi-transparent white PNG file with an image of the glare shape. If I could then load it is a Skin that would lay ON TOP of the background/border, the semi-transparent white would make the background lighter, looking like it has a glare.


      I tried adding the glare image to 'skin' 'background-skin' and 'background-image' in my css style declarations for '.box'. The 'skin' and 'background-skin' had no effect, whereas the 'background-image' just covered the background color/border, but did not 'stretch' to match the container size, and the background color would not bleed through.


      I am not sure if there is a practical way to do this. I am more of a developer, so any front-end Flex Designers that know how to do this I would appreciate your help very much.


      Thank you,