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    Reduced set of content

    willwom Level 1

      When i start up premiere elements 7 i get this message.



        A reduced set of content(instant movie themes,title and menu templates etc) Has been installed. To install the full content set please insert your program dvd and run install content.exe.


      If you do not have the dvd then it gives a web link which is not a valid one.On searching through the help topics i found a thread on this which gives a link to a page to download the content.On going on the page it says its a trial for elements 8 but it says it has the content templates.The file is 3.6gb so i downloaded it but still cant find the install content.exe file.Does anyone know what i need to do with this file do i use the install for whole thing i downloaded or are the things i need just a small part of the download.