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    How do you create a new Word document from a Word template (.dot) baggage file?




      I'm new to the forum. I'm working on a Robohelp 8 project and my organisation has a large number of MS Word document templates (.dot) in disparate locations. I've created a single topic with a view to having a clickable hyperlink for each template to create a new Word document based on a template.


      The problem I'm having is that when I click the hyperlink in the topic preview - it opens the actual template baggage file in Word. I want to avoid a user doing this thinking they've created a new document and then clicking save in Word and mistakenly updating the .dot baggage file.


      Is there a way to hyperlink to a .dot (or another type of template, for example, .xlt) in a topic and have that create a new instance of that document type? I'm open to the possibility that baggage files may not be the way to go, but I would prefer to avoid having to link to a location on the corporate intranet - as we have remote teams and performance is an issue. Therefore, I'd prefer to bundle any external file into the project itself, and thereby make it accessible from an HTML Help output format.


      Thanks in advance,