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    Problem uninistalling and reinstalling Adobe Reader 9.1.3


      How do I reinstall Adobe Reader 9.1.3?

      When I look at the Adobe site all I see for 9.1.3 is an update.


      Origin of the problem

      Because of a problem I had downloading any pdf file I decided to uninstall Adobe Read 9.1.3 (with its CPSID-49522 patch)

      When I tried to do this in Add/Remove programs I got the message "This patch package could not be opened .."

      I then used Windows Installer Cleanup Tool to remove the program. (I noted that it said I would need to reinstall the program.)


      This seemed to work. Adobe Reader 9.1.3 was no longer in its list (nor in Add/Remove programs)

      However, this only seems to remove the program from these lists - the program AcroRD32.exe is still in 'Program Files' and running it opens Adobe Reader 9.1.3.





      I still have the Adobe 8 installer 'AdbeRdr80_en_US.exe' stored on my system.

      Should I run that?