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    CS3 License woe's

    Charles Ferran

      Hello, I was recently hired on at a mega church that does a lot of video work. They have four editing stations and one legitimate copy of AfterEffects CS3 installed on one machine. We're buying licenses for Illustrator and PhotoShop but for AE we wanted to install it using our existing license on my machine since we can install to two machines. The idea was I would use it when the other editor wasn't, since he never really uses it anyway. The problem is, when these guys bought it, they bought a download link, which is now inactive. I don't know who they bought it from, or how to get in touch with them. So now we're stuck with it on one machine when I was hired to work in AE over here on my machine!


      I called Customer Service and I got a runaround and finally they told me my issue was being bumped up to a tier 2 issue and to expect a call from a manager within 24-48 hours. Well, 48 hours passed and I got an email saying my issue was resolved (???) what should I do?


      I thought that if I could get my hands on a trial of CS3 I could just input the serial and hit the ground running but there really are no links anymore.