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      I have got a big problem here with NVIDIA cards and have not been luck at all. My problem started when I had a clean install of Vista 32 on my HP XW6600 which came with Windows XP installed with an option to upgrade to Vista. When I upgraded I also upgraded my GPU from GT 9500 to Quadro FX1700. When I tried to open the control panel all I got was an error message saying it has stopped working. I never had this problem in XP with the 9500GT.


      I later sold the quadro and purchased the Geforce GTX260 and had a clean install of Vista 64 on my system. But still this nvidia control panel cannot be opened. I am a professional video editor and needs the advantage of two monitors when running Adobe Premiere PRO CS4. I have seen some forums which says uninstall all nvidia drivers, use CC cleaner or Drivesweeper, in safe mode and reload the Nvidia drivers once again. but all this have failed.


      My patience is running out now and I am now considering switching to ATI cards. I wanted to take full advantage of cuda with nvidia and was looking foward to purchase a quadro 5600 for maximum added perfomance. I have just ordered a second monitor from DABS.COM which I intend to hook up with my system and without accessing the Nvidia control Panel I will be in trouble.


      Am I missing something here. PLEASE tell me know if you have got an idea on how to resolve this. I have attached a screenshot of the error message I get.


      HP XW6600 Vista 64
      Quad Xeon 5420 2.5ghz
      250 GB C drive
      750 GB D drive
      1.5  TB Raid 1


      GTX 260
      4GB RAM
      ADOBE CS4 Production Premium