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    How to get rid of black bars on top, bottom and sides??

    HM Consulting

      I am exporting a project from Adobe Premiere Pro (CS3) that is in HD (widescreen) format. The original video is HD, the size option I chose for the project is HD, everything is showing fine when I look at it in the Program window. I admit I am a bit of a novice Premiere user, so I do need a little help with the exporting as there are a ton of options. This is what is happening: When I export, whether to AVI or Quicktime my project comes out with black bars all the way around. Not like letterboxing on top and bottom as when you have a widescreen video exported to a standard 4:3 size, but almost like a 16:9 video, shrunken down a little with a 16:9 black box put around it. What the heck am I doing wrong. I'm sure it has something to do with some option on exporting, but I've tried messing around with the export options about 20 different ways. I'm desperate! Please help!


      Thanks in advance!