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    Starting an embedded video with a click, or showing controls




      I'm using RoboHelp 8 (HTML), and I would like to embed a video in a page that either has the controls visible (so the video can be started and paused by the user) or that waits to start until it is clicked. I'm having trouble doing either of these things.


      I know I can change the "param = ShowControls value = 0" to 1 in the HTML view, and that will show the controls. I find, however, that RoboHelp insists on changing it back whenever I go to the Design view (which is what I use, because although I am passingly familiar with HTML, it is certainly not my forte).


      I was able to insert the AutoStart parameter (to false), so at least it doesn't play automatically. Without the controls, however, that does me little good.


      I found reference to an "onclick" parameter, which I tried, but can't seem to make work.  I'm not sure what to set the onclick parameter to, to be honest. I've tried both "play" and "play('filename.avi')" to no avail, and I cannot find what the code should be to get the video to play on a mouse click.


      I also tried to insert a separate button that would trigger the video to play, but that seems a dead end, as well.


      Currently, I'm just using a hyperlink to the video, which launches the player separately and shows the video. This is an okay workaround, but I really would prefer the video to be embedded in the page and under the user's control, even if only marginally (via the mouse click start).


      Is it possible to achieve what I want to do?  It seems like such a simple thing, I'm having trouble believing it's not possible, but I've been banging my head against this for ages and can't find a way.


      (And why does RoboHelp insist on hiding the controls all the time? Is there a reason for that I can't see, or is it a bug, or what?)