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    "Published"  Edit does not show up.

      I have successfully downloaded my trial version of Contribute CS3 and when I click my Contribute App. it opens and shows my web site name with the "not connected" line under it. I click on that and my front page shows up with the "connect" button above right where the edit and publish buttons will also show. I click the connect button and it appears to and then the Edit button shows. I click and the screen changes to the editable version. I make some changes and click on the publish button and the bars roll across and then I get message, " congratulations, your changes have been posted to you site." After I hit "OK" the page which is supposed to show changes, shows none. When I go to my web site, none of the changes have been posted. I waited overnight, and still not there. Repeated attempts with the same results. Can anyone help? Thanks.