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    New system....please help


      I need some help in building a system for Adobe CS4....primarily to use with premiere and after effects.  I found a system from the video guys, and I'm going to build something similar to what they suggested.  Here is what I'm looking at.


      Motherboard - Asus P6T Deluxe V2


      Processor - Intel Core i7 920     2.6ghz


      RAM - I'm wanting 12gb of Ram...not sure what brand or speed......hoping to be able to get this for under 250 bucks


      Hard Drives - I'm wanting to just get 4 hard drives.  I read Harm's article on Raid's and am still a little confused.  Do you think i will be ok getting these Hard drives, and if I do, how should I set them up?


      one 1TB 7200 drive for boot and three 2 TB drives for everything else.....if i do this, no RAid correct???


      Would I be better off getting smaller drives and getting more of them to do RAID??


      I have my case and power supply already.


      Windows 7 professional


      Blu Ray Burner - LG 8x burner for 129.99


      Graphics Card.....not real sure on.....Either ATI Raedon 5870 or Nvidia GTX 285.  I am open to other cards, but I am on a budget.  :]


      I would love any suggestions or thoughts.....I'm hoping to strike up some black friday deals!!


      happy thanksgiving to everyone!!!