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    My buttons are doing whatever they want!

    valf Level 1


      Well just like title says, I have very misbehaving buttons that do whatever they want... basically when I click once on one button, no apparent pb it goes to the frame I want... but after that It is all random , you never know where you are going to end up!!

      Does anyone have any idea of what is happening please... I am putting the code I have for my buttons

      btn_home.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, pageHome);
      function pageHome (e:MouseEvent):void
              btnContact.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, pageContact);
      function pageContact (e:MouseEvent):void
              btnmenunextparty.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, pagenextparty);
      function pagenextparty (e:MouseEvent):void
              btnGallery.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, pagegallery);
      function pagegallery (e:MouseEvent):void

      I also have stop tags on each new keyframes (I have a 5 pages website on 1 timeline)


      Many thanks