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    PDF forms lag/get hourglass over lower speed connection


      We have PDF forms that were mostly created with Adobe Acobat 8 in a network folder share. A variety of users use these forms over everything from Gigabit copper to Verizon EVDO. When a user is on the lower speed connection such as EVDO typing in a form,  it lags, gets an hourglass, freezes,etc. Often you will type in the form and a few seconds latter the typing catches up. On a VPN connection over 20/5 fios the lag is there but it is the form is usuable.


      The odd thing is if I launch the pdf from sharepoint or if i open the pdf in internet explorer there is no issue. I have tried a variety of different servers on different networks and I see the same thing consistently.I even tired a server with a fresh Server 2003 install with no AV installed and had no success. Any help would be appreciated.