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    Form requires all text


      I have five TextInput boxes that I want to send to PHP to be sent to MySQL. It works if all the textinput boxes are filled. It doesn't work if the all the textinput boxes are not filled out (2/5, 3/5, etc.) How do I get the data sent even if there are several empty textboxes?

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          I would handle this in the PHP code - simply check to see if the $_POST variable (or $_GET, if that's what you're using) is set and contains data, and adjust your query accordingly. IMHO, this is something you should be doing anyway, as it gives you the opportunity to sanitize the data before inserting into your database.

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            Matt Le Fevre Level 4
            <mx:Button click="sendInfo.send()"/>
            <mx:HTTPService id="sendInfo" showBusyCursor="true" method="POST"  url="http://localhost/sendInfo.php" useProxy="false">
                    <mx:request xmlns="">




                $Box1 = "undefined";
                $Box2 = "undefined";
                $Box3 = "undefined";
                $Box4 = "undefined";
                $Box5 = "undefined";
                if ($_POST["Box1"]){
                    $Box1 = $_POST["Box1"]
                if ($_POST["Box2"]){
                    $Box2 = $_POST["Box2"]
                if ($_POST["Box3"]){
                    $Box3 = $_POST["Box3"]
                if ($_POST["Box4"]){
                    $Box4 = $_POST["Box4"]
                if ($_POST["Box5"]){
                    $Box5 = $_POST["Box5"]
                mysql_connect('server_name', 'user_name', 'password');
                mysql_query("INSERT INTO table_name (Col1, Col2, Col3, Col4, Col5) VALUES ('$Box1' , '$Box2', '$Box3' , '$Box4' , '$Box5'))";