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    Extension manager doesn't see Flash


      I needed to reformat my computer a few weeks ago and when I got it back up, I had to reinstall my applications.


      Okay so first, I installed Flash CS3. Then I installed my CS4 package which included illustrator, dreamweaver, flash, and photoshop. I installed CS3 first because I have no intention of using CS4 because I want to use a version of flash that can actually handle its own files. So I wanted to get all my sweet plug-ins back that really should have been implemented into flash in the first place, so I go into the extension manager, download it from the site, open it, and it won't allow me to install any plug-ins. If I try to open any plug-in directly, it pops up the CS3 extension manager which notifies me that it requires at least flash CS3 or higher.... while CS3 is open right behind it. I couldn't find any option to kind of slap it and say "Hey, it's right behind you," so am I going to be stuck reinstalling CS3?