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    Styling Vbox

      Hi there!

      I'm developing a component in Flex, and i crashed into a problem.
      I need to make a menu componenet, and at this point of styling i'm stucked:
      I'm to make left and right borders to the component, but in CSS there's no such thing as left- or right-border, where i could set a path to the border files (menuBgLeft.gif & menuBgRight.gif)
      so now, i created a Vbox to which i added an image: menuBgLeft.gif,
      a canvas, that has background image which is graphically the continue of the left border,
      and finally added to his a vbox a closing image: the menuBgRight.
      And here's my problem: Vbox leaves empty space (at about 5px) between the VBox added components.
      No padding set works, just as setting the x or y coordinates. I'm stuck, run out of ideas, please HELP! :)