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      Objective: to modify the sourceFilePath for Items in a library using a Command.

      The FLASH documentation states that sourceFilePath must use absolute path. However, by copying the movie clip from my master library into a development library the property sourceFilePath is originally relative.

      Here is the jsfl that FLASH created.

      // This command was recorded by Macromedia Flash 8.

      // Select Library Item(s): p2

      // Symbol Properties: movie clip, false, false, false, .\MasterTestLib.fla, p2, true, false
      var lib = fl.getDocumentDOM().library;
      lib.setItemProperty('symbolType', 'movie clip');
      if (lib.getItemProperty('linkageImportForRS') == true) {
      lib.setItemProperty('linkageImportForRS', false);
      else {
      lib.setItemProperty('linkageExportForAS', false);
      lib.setItemProperty('linkageExportForRS', false);
      lib.setItemProperty('scalingGrid', false);

      By running this as FLASH created, causes the following error to occur:

      [Invalid URI: ?s?s?s?s?s?s?t?s?t?t?s?t%12f0c4]
      [setItemProperty: Argument number 1 is invalid.]

      Changing the sourceFilePath by using the Browse button within the Properties Dialogue Box for a library item created jsfl with an absolute path referred to in the documentation:

      lib.setItemProperty('sourceFilePath','C:\\Documents and Settings\\aylwardm\\Desktop\\MasterTestLib.fla');

      Regardless of the format that FLASH reports to me in the jsfl that is generated, when I attempt to set the item by running the jsfl as a Command the same error occurs.

      Anybody able to help me???