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    So long time to download flex4 framework!!!


      Hi all:

             I try use flash builder 4 b2 to  develop  a simple web app that only contain one button ,i deploy it in my local area network without connect to internet, when i open browers window that request this swf file from above  first, i must wait a long time about 3-5 minuts for loading flex framework

      ,i had watched my brower http action ,i find when the flash player first load this swf ,it must load flex4 framework's swz file ,before every framework swz file load it must download crossdomain.xml file from fpdownload.adobe.com/crossdomain.xml or fpdownload.adobe.com/pub/swz/crossdomain.xml

      these connection cost my long time for waiting.

            last  i put crossdomain.xml file  to my app's root url and directory the same to framework's swz file ,i find flash player also try to access fpdownload.adobe.com/crossdomain.xml

            i want to know ,the framework's swz file have already downloaded in my local why the flash player also do download crossdomain.xml from adobe

            how to avoid flashplayer to find crossdomain.xml from adobe.com !!

      thanks !!!!