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    Firefox 3 + Flash Player 8.0 on up bug (button action not accpeted)

      The embedded video player I set up for my employer relies heavily on javascript for swfobject / embed and many controls, along with communication between the player and our backend. The QA department has found that the player's controls will not function with the new build of Firefox (3.0 soon to be released). We support player 8.0 on up and all of these versions will not function within Firefox 3.0. Currently, though all browsers and versions DO function. The button action themselves are your most basic action (i.e. myMC.onPress). We also have other flash elements on the page that do work in Firefox 3.0 however these do not rely on javascript.

      Any suggestions or anyone else having similar problems? I checked the Mozilla bug checker and didn't really see anything similar.