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    turkish characters XML imported not showing in dynamic textField

    fabec Level 1



      i have a problem with characters imported through XML not showing in a dynamic text field.


      i know my problem is neither encoding related (it is true UTF-8 & all characters of my file appear correctly on a trace) nor font related (all characters exist in the font i use).


      so, i think it has to be related to my textField...  if i don't embed fonts, the special characters do appear, only about twice the size of the oters??  while if i do embed they don't appear anymore and are replaced by nothing.


      i don't know if there is a need somewhere to specify which set of characters you want to embed, i take it 'embedFonts = true' embeds the whole set?


      any help would be very much appreciated.  thanks in advance,





      i use the following function to make the textfields:



      _global.formatTXT = function(txtF:TextField, txtC:String, fnt:String, lsp:Number, alng:String, txtCL:Number, sz:Number, shrp:Number, lM:Number, rM:Number, lead:Number, kern:Boolean):Void


      var iFMT:TextFormat = new TextFormat();

      with (iFMT) {

      font = fnt;

      size = sz;

      letterSpacing = lsp;

      align = alng;

      leftMargin = lM;

      rightMargin = rM;

      leading = lead;

      kerning = kern;


      with (txtF) {

      textColor = txtCL;

      antiAliasType = "advanced";

      sharpness = shrp;

      gridFitType = "subpixel";

      text = txtC;

      type = "dynamic";

      restrict = null;

      selectable = false;

      embedFonts = true;