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    DVD image not using full frame width

    Steve J Price

      I am authoring PAL DVDs for distribution within Europe using Premiere Pro CS4.2 and Encore. I notice that the width of the encoded DVD image has been restricted to approximately 704 pixels, leaving vertical black bands of about 8 pixels in width at each side of the frame (i.e. 8 + 8 + 704 = 720). I gather that this is part of the ITU 601 recommendation (specification?) and helps ensure that when a CRT based TV 'overscans' by a small amount (which, of course, is normal), the left and right extremities of the image are still visible.


      Needless to say, now that most DVD production is aimed at LCD and plasma displays, the overscan problem has largely disappeared and, in any case, if 'safe area' recommendations are followed, the few remaining CRT viewers will not necessarily suffer.


      So, my question is, can you disable this width restriction? If not, will Adobe consider the option in future releases of Premiere/Encore/AME?