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    Newbie problems with getting a local CFB server configured


      This started out in another post by me as to what I thought was a port 8500 problem. I had watched the getting started with CFB video, and on that he used localhost as a Server Name and as Host Name. He then assigned port 8500 as the WebServer Port.


      When I do this it comes up in the Servers windows as Stopped. If I try to start it the error I get is


      'Starting localhost' has encountered a problem

      Ensure that the server is not already running or any application is not using the webserver port.


      So as an experiment I changed the port to 80 because the admin page does work at


      The Server window at the bottom of the CFB screen then shows a Running server.


      I create a small "Hello World" index.cfm page and when I hit one of of the browser tabs, Firefox and IE in my case, I get the following error,


      Error while generating preview:


      There is no server configured for the project myproject to which the file index.cfm belongs. Configure a server in ColdFusion in ColdFusion server settings before you proceed.


      What am I missing ?