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    Pr CS4 4.2 vs 4.0 - render quality got worse?


      Hi everyone,


      I just found an issue with the newest patch for CS4.


      I was doing some project, the source file was HDV but i had to export it to DV so i did. Used Pr4.0, scaled the files down, rendered with Microsoft AVI / PAL DV and it was great.


      Next I installed the 4.2 update, loaded same project - wanted to see if the render will be any faster etc. I didn't see any difference BUT...


      The quality of the *.avi file is now lower then it was on the 4.0 !!! It's like less sharp/clear then it was. It's especially visible on the text (using Premiere inbuilt Titler). On the 4.0 was clear and sharp now is little blurry. Now it looks like the camera was a bit out of focus ! How is that possible ???


      (using just Pr, no matrox or custom plugins)




      Win 7 x64 // 4GB // GF260 GTX // GA-P55-UD4


      I also tried using option "render at maximum quality" but it just makes it even worse (especially for the text)


      Pls help :/