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    Adobe Air Installer has encountered a problem and has to close....

    PeterMartinez Level 1

      Every time I try to view a BBC TV program on-line via my IE8 browser + flash10, I get the subject error box repeatedly with the invitation to send a report to Microsoft. It looks as if I have Adobe Air installed (it's in the Add/Remove Programs list in my WinXP+SP3) but I get the same error box if I try to uninstall it or if I try to install the latest version over the top of it. I tried Microsoft's msicuu Cleanup Utility, and that removed AIR from it's own list of programs but AIR is still listed in Add/Remove Programs, and still will not uninstall. However I now get a different error box which says the application requires a version of Adobe AIR which is no longer supported.  I tried creating an install log, but nothing gets written to it.  I tried running "..installer.exe -uninstall" from a commandline. Same thing.  I don't know how to make Adobe AIR go away. I can neither remove it nor install it.  I don't think I need it anyway.  Can anyone help please? Does anyone at Adobe ever check this forum?


      Peter M