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    Master Page Header display issues


      TCS 2

      MS HTML Help (CHM)


      I have a custom table inserted in the header of a master page and am stuck with the following problems. Has anyone been able to resolve issues like these?


      • Header disappears - The header is a table with a background image. When vertically expanding the CHM window downwards, the header disappears vertically downwards out of view as if some blank area is overlapping the header.
      • Flickering
        • When selecting topics in the nav bar, the Header flickers.
        • When resizing the CHM Window, the nav panel flickers rapidly.
      • Can't seem to control the borders of the topic window. I want to set the header completely flush with the top edge and the side edges of the topic window.
      • I would like to create buttons to go next and previous between topics according to the sequence of topics in the project. I am linking frame files and trying to set up a template with which to create projects and generate output from linked frame files with as little post processing as possible, so i want to avoid browse sequences which seem to require full hands on processing for each project.





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          Well, some of my issues are now resolved:


          • Resolved - Header disappears - Cant remember exactly but i use the following settings: Custom Header table created and then used int he header. In Format > Borders and Shading > selected No-repeat and Scroll is checked. -
          • Not resolved - Flickering -
          • Resolved - Header flush with topic window. This thanks to Matt Sullivan advice about CSS (http://ow.ly/Tv1l), place the following at the top of the page.


          body {
          font-family: Calibri, sans-serif;
          margin-left: 0pt;
          margin-right: 0pt;
          margin-top: 0pt;


          Means that indents for all other styles need resetting but it is a price worth paying.


          • Not resolved - Next and previous buttons -