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    CD Presentation problem


      Hi folks,


      Having a real tough time with flash at the minute, I'm hoping one of the Guru's on here can help me piece together a portion of this puzzle...


      The company I work for produces 'medical education' presentations using flash with flash video (FLV). These presentations give the user the option to watch a lecturer discussing slides that pop up (using cuepoints) at certain intervals, the user also has the option to skip through the lecture by browsing the slides at the bottom and making a selection to skip to this part of the video.


      These presentations are distributed on CD all over the world.


      Now the presentations themselves can be up to 20mins long.  The problem occurs when a user wants to skip forward in large increments, and are increasingly worrying on the longer presentations... Before discussing the problem in any great detail, I'm going to go over the process in which the presentations are created.  The development of these files are fairly straightforward when working from the PC...


      1. the original video is edited and trimmed for export

      2. video is imported into flash, during the encoding the vid is cuepointed

      3. script (as2) manipulates the video along side the cuepoints and shows the relevants slides in relation to the video's timeline

      4. amongst a few other files (html, pdf's etc) these files are burned to cd for viewing



      So we pop the cd in and test the overall performance... lately with most of the presentations we notice that, for example, somebody wants to jump from slide 1 (eg a few seconds in) right up to slide 20 (eg 14mins in) several things happen on different media formats...


      from the hard drive - the presentation skips faultlessly, allowing navigation right


      from the internet - the presentation takes a while to skip through, we understand that technologies like FMS can help with this, but we are content in the knowledge that the video will take a while to buffer.


      from CD - The video plays fairly instantly, and skipping in small incriments doesn't cause much concern, but when skipping long intervals the video stops and the flash interface seems to hang 'waiting' for the flv to catch up, this can take up to 30 seconds to go from an early slide to one close to the end.


      So we thought the problem was a buffering issue, simply that the video wasn't buffering completely and that it was continuing to buffer when skipping long distances... But doing some experimenting with the buffer class, it appears that the video's (all the video's we tested) are 100% buffered instantly when the cd loads, so its not a buffer issue, it seems that because were running off a cd, there is a lag in the flash player itself when skipping forward when initialised.


      Once the player has got to the end, there is no problem, it skips without interuption, forward and back, although there was never an issue with skipping back through the video presentations.


      Has anybody here experienced this problem when working from portable media? And if so... can anybody recommend a solution to this problem?


      I know this post is long winded, but straight off i thought i would provide as much info as i could


      Any help much appreciated