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    system requirements for Premiere CS4


      the box states I need a dual 2.8 processor for HD. My laptop has a dual 2.5 processor with 4GB ram, it is a 64 bit system (Vista). I have not opened the box yet so I can return the program and get Elements. I originally wanted to take advantage of my dslr video capabliltiy, I have a Canon 7D and 5DM2. The more I thought about getting serious about video the more I thought I should get a dedicated camcorder, so I just bought a Canon Vixia HF11 camcorder.


      I understand that Elements does not do well with dslr files. So I am wondering if Prmiere Pro is overkill or if it would be very useful. I was able to get the program at the educational pricing, that was a huge factor for me getting the Pro version over Elements. Now I am worried my computer will not be able to run the program.


      I really do not want to buy another computer! Will my laptop be good enough or would Elements be a little more practical?




      By the way - hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!