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    syncmanager creates cache DB in application directory, if user is not local admin this doesnt work


      I have the following problem.

      We make use of the new synchronization method with coldfusion 9.

      Specifically the coldfusion.air.syncmanager and coldfusion.air.session class.

      When we open a session  a local aircachedb is created in the local applicationdirectory.


      The problem is that this application will be used by users that aren’t administrators on their machine so they don’t have rights to create this cache file.

      Is there a way to create this cache database in the applicationstoragedirectory?


      the code:

      //Create a pointer to actual SQLite db file  

      dbFile = File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath("characteristics.db");

      // open a session to the database

      var sessiontoken:SessionToken = syncmanager.openSession(dbFile,034589);  


      The last line creates the airCache34589.db in the program files folder which is off limit to non administrators.