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    Slow Select - AI on MacBook Pro OS 10.5.8


      ISSUE: Using Direct or Indirect Selection tool on any object in Illustrator CS3 or CS4 is slow (usually presents beach ball). It is an irritation not feature failure. To reproduce, create a new Illustrator file on MacBookPro5,4, (effects RGB or CMYK, all preview and non preview modes), create a line segment, create a square (or any other closed shape), or create some text. Grab the direct selection tool and click on any of the objects. You may not see the slowness on first selection. Now click on any of the other objects. The machine will pause. The existing selection will not disappear. The beach ball will appear and spin. After roughly 2 seconds, the existing selection will disappear, and the new selection will be made as expected. It's the expected behavior but very slow transition from one selection to another.

      NOTE: strangely, if you do a drag selection (marquee drag) rather than clicking on the object with the selection tool, the delay does NOT occur!


      Any help much appreciated.  Had posted this Issue to Apple MBP forum, was asked by a user there to post it here first, BUT believe the issue is related to graphics hardware on new MBP.  Have tried exact same test on an older MBP using same version of CS4 Illustrator without encountering problem. Have also tested CS3 on this with same problem.  Thanks, James.