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    gradient problems

    inquestflash Level 1

      ive got a serious issue with illustrator,if anyone can pls assist me it would be great so i can solve this problem once and for all!

      no matter on what pc i use illustrator and i do various designs using alot of gradients and i mean alot of gradients,illustrator after a while starts going slower and slower and then the objects cant hardly move and then i get a messegae error from illustrator crashing down.is there smthing about gradients thats make illustrator not be able to function.ei like a max of gradeints in a project?or is there smthing i must do on mu document in or to avoid problem like this in future?


      best reagdrs.

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          You may try reinstalling Acrobat.

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            inquestflash Level 1

            acrobat??thats wierd,what functions does acrobat have over illustrator?does acrobat make illustrator function better,cos the truth is i dont have acrobat installed!ill give it a go!


            than you for your reply.

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              As far as I remember, a corruption in connexion with Acrobat can cause crashing, maybe by the formation of tremporary files.


              But when you have not got it, it is obviously something else.


              I will ponder some more.

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                inquestflash brought this to me off line and this is my response and they were very gracious and brought the matter up here a.gain


                This essentially how I responded.



                Gradients are live in Illustrator that is even once you close the document after saving it yu can then open it and edit the gradient. it is essentally an effect.

                Therefore it is governed by the raster image effects setting. Effects>Document Rater Effects Settings. Change the effects settings to 72 ppi, the default is 300 ppi so every time you make gradient it is created in the document as a high res object.

                it not only increases the size of the document but is unnecessary until it is outputted which can be done several ways like changing this setting again before out put. You make certain you change it and resave it if sending to a printer and tell them about it as well so they can double check.



                They have already thanked me for it but if this information proved valuable then they should either mark it as answer or helpful as many user seem to overlook the raster effects settings or do not know about it.


                Thanks for starting the thread.


                I do not know what Acrobat has to do with this except that you can use it to flatten the transparency.


                Jacob please explain?

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                  inquestflash Level 1

                  greetings wade!


                  i did what you advised me to do and saw a good result.took the raster effects to 72 so i can work around the objects (within the document) without the pc taking for ever to make the objects move.but when multiple objects from other documents where brought into the one document so i can have a clear view of my desgin,my pc took a while to intergrate all the objects that did have gradients of 72res(as i lowered as advised),and all of  a sudden, a failure  was encountered and there was a message by the programs stating:


                  a)cant move objects there isnt enought memory ID = -108

                  2)the operation cannot be complete there isnt enought memory ram available


                  and then all of  my artwork turns into black outlines.


                  and i can asure that my pc is a good machine upto date for these times.

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                    Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    inquestflash, I believe a preventive measure could be to Save As regularly; this should trim the file to size; it may be still be relevant, though more rarely, even if you reduce the raster setting.


                    Wade, this is an excerpt from an earlier answer in a similar thread, Acrobat being involved in the possible issues that seemed most similar:

                    3. Some versions of Acrobat generate many temp files. Too many (64K) causes the problem: you may search and destroy Temp files;

                    4. Some other inconsistency caused by Adobe Acrobat/Reader: you may try uninstalling and reinstalling (a newer version).

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                      JETalmage Level 6

                      Assuming that by "gradient" you are referring to ordinary Gradient Fills: The Document Raster Effects setting has nothing to do with that. Gradient Fills are not raster effects.



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                        Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        I thought what James said, but there may be things not mentioned.


                        But if we are talking normal gradients, there may be something funny enough going on to justify a preference cleanup.


                        In that case, you may Ctrl+Alt+Shift/Cmd+Option+Shift or Move the folder

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                          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                          Perhaps it is you computer as well or the if it is not the raster settings but it is good that this in itself is not giving you relief that is the kind of feed back we need.


                          As we see from Jacob's posting that this might also be elated to temp files. But were they might be is a different story.


                          But I am still not convinced this being the problem as perhaps your scratch disk is the same as the start up disk and it could have permissions issues. It should probably be a dedicated scratch or at least not the start up disk. If this an also be an issue with font caches becoming bloated and they can cause quite a lot of problems.


                          You should try to clear them out as well. Of course if you are working with man many gradients in a document and you want to make certain that you do well you want to save the files and you might want to give AI a break or two and save the file and quit AI and maybe restart the computer now and then.


                          But perhaps it is the specs of your computer for the kind of work you are preforming with it.

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                            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                            Are you sure they are not effected by this setting?

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                              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                              True that the raster effects do not govern the output resolution of the gradients, however the behavior is just like working in a document with a high raster effects setting.

                              Changing the settings seems to have effected it as well. My thought was that though the user spoke of gradients they did not rue out the use of type and effects

                              and there is n reason to believe other wise so I told them to lower the settings on the raster effects.


                              The flattening settings are of course what govern the resolution of the gradients and mesh out puts but this type of slowness is usually associated with high raster effects settings.


                              So as it has no real relationship to the gradients it has a relationship to what the op is doing.


                              So now since it is simply not the raster effects setting then we can also suspect font caches (in which case doing away with the preferences alone will only give brief relief), resources, scratch disk space or simply a document with too many points. Clearly not a simple document.

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