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    Photo Application


      I'm currently writting a small content managed system for photographs.

      I want my family to be able to upload photographs then have other people view them in a browser.

      I only want my family to be able to view these photos, so I'm going to get them to login before they can see any pictures and for added security will store the photos outside of the wwwroot.

      I have written the code that will upload the photos and resize them to a decent size, but I am having trouble displaying them in the desired format of: the image then below that a title and a litte discription of the image - this textual data is stored in a database.

      The problem is that since the photos are stored outside of the wwwroot, I can't use the <img> tag to display the photo in the webpage. I was trying to use <cfcontent>, but when I do that, then the title and description don't show up - only the image appears.

      Does anyone know of a way that I can get both my text and photo to show up on the same webpage?

      Thanks, Paul.