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    Vista SP 2 made AE much - I repeat MUCH faster!

    ingvarai Level 1

      When purchasing AE just a couple of months ago, I was somewhat disappointed abot

      its sluggishness. Lots of moaning, and puff coming out of my PC's mobo fans (I am exaggerating a little here). Loading a project took ages, it seemed. And while it functioned all right, it was a struggle to close it down. The project unloaded slowly, and AE itself would hardly vanish from the screen, I used Task manager to kill it.


      After installing Vista SP 2, all this is gone. AE loads fast, loads projects fast, unloads projects fast and closes down in a normal, decent manner. AE has become a joy to use after Vista SP 2. I post this in the hope it might help others too, running AE on Vista.