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    Pixie Dust

    JETalmage Level 6


      1. Read about and download the JET_FauxHalftone Javascript here. Copy it to Illustrator's Scripts folder and relaunch Illustrator.
      2. New CMYK Document.
      3. Rectangle Tool: Draw a .25" square. Black Fill, Stroke of None. Rotate it 45°. Delete the leftmost point. Drag it to the Brushes Panel to define a new ArtBrush. The artbrush should be a simple right-pointing triangle.
      4. Flare Tool: ClickDrag to create a single Flare. Transform Panel: Scale uniformly to about .5". Drag it to the Symbols Panel to define a new Symbol.
      5. Spiral Tool: Draw a spiral. Apply the ArtBrush to it.
      6. Effect>Blur>GaussianBlur.
      7. Object>Rasterize.
      8. Filter>Create>Object Mosaic. Result: Grayscale.
      9. Apply the Faux Halftone script per the instructions.
      10. Symbols Panel: Select the new Flare Symbol. From the flyout menu, choose Replace Symbol.
      11. Object>Transform>TransformEach. Scale 200% both vertically and horizontally. Set Move to some small value, relative to the sizes of the artwork. Use the same value for both vertical and horizontal. Turn on the Random checkbox.
      12. Rectangle Tool. Draw a rectangle behind the artwork (perhaps on a lower Layer). Radial Grad Fill, white to black. Adjust the black stop's color to include 100%K, but also add CMY components. This is what will give the Flares a color.




      Happy Holidays