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    Webservice (inspector) huge performance issue!


      Hi and thanks for reading!


      I tried to consume a xml webservice (jax-ws backend) with the inspector utility in flash builder beta 2.


      Great tool, it created all neccessary classes and action script files from my wsdl without any error.

      It's so nice to get deserialisation completly without manual intervention, really!


      But at this point I got a huge performance issue. My webservice round-trip-time is usually between 20ms and 100ms (depending on called method, db access,...)

      No client ever had problems with this service.


      My generated flex service is producing accesstimes at about constantly 1000ms higher. 1 second is really long time for a simple action.

      I measured this with two Date objects.



      When I am using the mx.rpc.WebService object by hand, the time is perfect (20m to 100ms as expected).


      Okay, I thought this could be caused from filling objects with the SOAP data... but...

      After creating a webservice method that only answers with an Integer instead of a list of objects, I created a webservice method that has  void voidMethod(void) signature...


      Nothing changed. With my hand coded webservice element I am receiving times at about 10ms; Using the Service class generated by flex builder responsetimes are about 1000ms to 1100ms. Really hard to understand cause I was not yet able to track down a code peace where the time gets lost...


      Flex Network manager is showing the 10ms response time when in debug mode.


      Did anyone forget a sleep(1000ms) in a codepeace?


      No idea if this could be helpful - some developer tutorial videos I watched about consuming a webservice with the inspector tool definitely had the same slow response times... (ok ok, this could be caused by slow connection or anything else, not the time to blame anyone yet



      Did anyone get the same experience?