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    in RH7html, files are suddenly read only

    City Sue

      We use RH7 html and VSS version control. I have opened an old project and had some issues trying to get it versioning correctly.


      when I opened the project just now, all my htm files (topics) are 'read only', so every time I want to change something a message pops up and I have to click OK to make it writable. Not huge, but is there a way I can change all the topics to writable at one time?


      city sue

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          Amebr Level 4

          I occasionally get RH being confused about the status of a file, but it's only one or two every now and then, not the whole lot. It almost sounds like RH has forgotten the link to VSS.


          Normally when you edit a topic in RH, it automatically checks out the file from VSS and makes it writable at the same time. (The files are Read Only when they are checked in to source control.)


          In your RH toolbar, are the source control buttons all active or do you only get the "Add to Source Control" button?



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            City Sue Level 1

            It is interesting you should ask the last question below. I checked it, and it has gone back to only 'add to version control' being available where it had all the options available a while ago today.


            I haven’t had this problem with my other projects. This is a very old one and is basically really badly set up, so who knows what is going on.

            I have added it to version control YET AGAIN. I have a nasty feeling this problem with this project is not going to go away any time soon.


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              Amebr Level 4

              Did you add through RH or through VSS? There is some code that doesn't get added to the xpj file if you add through VSS. I believe somewhere through the upgrade process e.g. 2002 -> X4 -> X5 etc, it didn't get added in properly for old projects. No idea why it doesn't show up straight away though. You can work around it by doing File > Open, then selecting the Open from Version Control icon in the dialog box, but that is a bit tedious.


              If you added through RH, then the code should be in your xpj file now - it's easy to check by opening in Notepad and checking if there is information between <miscproperties> tags.


              If there is only a <miscproperties/> tag then you'll keep losing the source control link. It's possible to add manually, but might be easier to remove and re-add to source control from within RH.




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                City Sue Level 1

                Hi Amebr,

                I did add to version contrul through RH (as always). There IS some code in the miscproperties tag which I dont understand. It is:

                   <value>Microsoft Visual SourceSafe</value>
                   <value>"$/Working folder - TPOnline/Online Help/FT/Online Help Source", RWVGAAAA</value>


                I just opened the project again in RH and immediately I get a message that "your working folder contains a writable copy of ..."

                so I chose to 'replace my local file with this version' from Source Safe and 'apply to all items'. There was a lot of activity, and VSS replaced some files.


                I have lost some text changes, but files DO seem to be writable now.


                Have to admit I had to do some trick stuff, like applying a template to multiple topics, then applying a style sheet to them as well. This may have caused a problem. so all I can do is some more testing. I will let you know how it pans out. Thanks for your input.