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    Creating SWF in AE


      I create virtual presenters using Chromakey screens and Keylight in AE. I normally provide these to clients as .FLV files.


      My current client has asked for his to be supplied as SWF files. I have tried to convince him but he wants to stick with the SWF format.


      I have tried to create this file type by simply selecting Export and SWF and kept the settings as high. However, this results in a very large file (around 1mb per second of video) and  there are jagged lines around the presenter's body, which usually appear nice and smooth when outputting as FLV.


      My questions:


      . How can I create a high quality SWF file that is as small as possible in terms of file size?

      . How can I keep everything smooth in quality and avoid these jagged lines?


      Each video is around 90 seconds in length. Also, I am no AE expert so will need a simple and clear explanation for my empty brain!


      Many thanks .

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not in AE... SWF export uses the legacy way of producing the format, which is to embed a JPEG sequence into the file. This also kinda explains your jagged edges due to block artifacts and the Alpha info getting lost. If you're serious about the matter, stick with exporting FLV and then import them elsewhere. A good and simple way to deal with your problem would be to download Flash Catalyst from Adobe Labs, which is currently in free public Beta. In the long run you should of course consider getting Flash, if you offer this as a service.