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    Captivate Timeline Loads and Runs all SWF Animations prior to Entering the Slide

    McHughs Level 1

      Another day at the office.


      I've a Complex Flash Animation that I import into Captivate.


      Imported Animations:


      Loads External JPG's and Audio Files on demand.

      uses a custom class that defines complex interactions that are common to all instances of the animations.


      Captivate Publish Options:


      Externalize Resources: All checked marked


      Problem A:

      The imported animations do not generate a proper SWF. Each instance of the SWF ends up blank in the Captivate movie.


      If I copy a SWF that is compiled from the Flash CS3 or CS4 over the bad SWF it works. BUT!!!


      Problem B:

      Each of the Flash Animations for this automatically play from the loader even though I dont have a loader! If I go to a slide with the animation on it. It has played the animation to the first pause in it's animation (Or if there is no animation to the animations completion) when the slide appears on the screen! If I leave the slide before the animation completes it will continue to it's completion (I hear the Audio from it). Upon coming to the slide the second time. The Slide will properly display the animations from the beginning! I've moved the animations to about .5 seconds into the slide to ensure they are not getting run at the beginning of the slide. Alas! no luck. Any idea?


      Since they are obviously becoming part of the Captivate main timeline animations is there a on event I can use to trigger my activation of events from inside my imported SWF file just to bypass what appears to be a bug?  Yes Adding a Play button does hold everything but they still play when I leave the slide!!! Which means I'd also need an on event to trigger for the cessation of all activity from with in the imported swf...


      Or should I code some thing on the first slide in captivate to stop the activity in question...



      Frustrating, Yes!!