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    OMF CS4 issue - Seperate audio tracks output as identical files on Pro Tools import


      OMF issue - seperate audio tracks outputs as identical files


      I am having some serious trouble when trying to export an OMF from a p2 DVCPROHD 720p50 project in CS4, and importing it in Pro Tools. The project is complex with over 12 hours of HD-footage and many sequences and titles.

      When exporting an OMF from a thirty minute sequence to work with the audio in Pro Tools, all four tracks turn out identically in Pro Tools on import. However, the tracks are different in the Premiere Pro CS4 timeline.

      We have tried both encapsulated and separate audio, we have tried importing the timeline/sequence into a new premiere project and exporting an OMF from the new project with no success. However, when we started a new project and simply imported one of our p2-files, and exported an omf, it worked fine, with 4 different audio tracks in Pro Tools.

      We also tried exporting 4 different OMF-files (one for each track), while having deleted all the other tracks. This remarkably also resulted in four identical tracks in Pro Tools!

      The OMF does not exceed the 2GB limitation.

      Can anyone help us? Have a project due on Monday, and need to start working on the audio ASAP.



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          shooternz Level 6

          How have you mapped the P2 audio clips?.  By default P2 mxf .has four tracks.  I map 1/2 as Stereo and do not use tracks 3/4 by deselecting them.

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            FMP10SH Level 1

            The "Source Channel Mapping - Default Track Format:" is set to "Use File". We recorded with a Panasonic HPX301 camera, which has three XLR-inputs, and we used all of them. So two of the tracks are identical recordings (from one of the XLR-inputs), while the two remaining are different, so in total there are three different tracks of oudio, all mono.


            When we put a p2-file into a sequence it has four tracks of audio linked to it, with the corresponding sound. So everything seems to be in order in Premiere, but for some reason they end up being four identical tracks in Pro Tools. As mentioned we tried making a new project with the same settings as in the project we are currently working, and we imported a single p2 clip. We exported a sequence with this clip as an omf with all the same settings, and this time it worked. The four tracks were different in Pro Tools when the OMF was imported. So it seems that the complexity of our project, or some setting that we are not aware of but have been altered by a mistake has made this project impossible to export correctly as an omf.


            But if there are any solutions to this we would be deeply grateful!