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    Fuzzy vector graphics when exporting to PDF?


      Hi all,


      I've switched to Fireworks from Omnigraffle because I work in a Windows environment and there isn't a Windows-compatible version of Omnigraffle available.


      I've noticed that when I export mockups/wireframes that I create in Fireworks to PDF, that the vector images are all fuzzy, as if anti-aliasing has gone overboard. This never happens when I create mocks/frames in Omnigraffle - what I see on the screen is what I get from the printer.


      Should I be adjusting my settings in Fireworks somehow, say changing the DPI settings when creating a document, turning anti-aliasing off with text, or anything like that? Is there some magic bullet combination that will give me clean wireframes with crisp, clear edges (including text) in Fireworks?


      Thanks so much!