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    Beta 2 On-Load Function?


      Hi, I just wanted to know if there's a way to do as in the first beta a On-Load of the state. (It was in the black box.)


      Just here is my problem. I have a starting animation that goes off at first load of the application. This gets the user to the main menu. Then, when I come back to the main menu, from another slate, I want a part of this animation to play, but not all of it. And I can't make it work. Here is how I'm doing and why I need that "On-Load" function


      Slate A (Start Of the animation) On application start goes to Slate B (Works)


      Slate B (Part of the animation I want to repeat) *Must go to Slate C when triggered* (Doesn't work)


      Slate C (Main Menu)


      Can someone Help?

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Fredy,


          This feature is still there, it's just moved to a different place in the UI.  Deselect (for example by clicking in a blank area of the artboard), then look in the Interactions panel.  The heading should say "Application."  Click the Add Interaction button and add a new interaction for "On Application Start."


          If you don't see the Interations panel, it probably means you didn't uninstall beta 1 before installing beta 2 on top of it.  This can cause a number of problems.  To fix this particular issue, go to Window > Reset Workspace.


          - Peter

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            Kapil Soni

            Hello Fredy,


            I have made the similar Post. Well yes on load function is no more in the Black Box for Quick Interaction but you can find in the add interaction panel. for this you have to make sure nothing is selected and then if you click the add interaction you can see the option on load and u can set play action to state.


            Simple as Dimple.