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    How can we do image editing in flex?

    flx23 Level 1

      Hi experts,


      I am going to create an image editor web app from scratch...Now point here is weather it is feasible or not


      1. I loaded an image in a canvas or panel then added a label with containing some text  ..now as the canvas contains multiple control images of shape and also applied rotation and zoom ...now is this possible to get the final image like converting the canvas or panel containing all this to an image of  jpeg or png as output


      2.What about clipboard ..like selecting a part in an image that is placed in the canvas or panel...now applying editing consider 4 button namely cut copy paste undo redo..are these things possible in flex ..what i found regarding clipboard was setclipborad method taking string as parameter..


      Please help..how can i make this possible


      Thanks in advance