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    HTTPService Headers

    thewarpedcoder Level 1
      I am trying to authenticate against a background applications.

      I have passed user id and pass word and receive the token back.

      I now need to send a record with a header set as a token.

      httpFeed.method = "post";
      httpFeed.url = "/authenticated_sessions/authenticated";
      httpFeed.headers = {FLASH_AUTHORIZATION: authToken};

      The header I want to set is FLASH_AUTHORIZATION going into a rails app, but every time I try the header seems not to be there.

      I have found many documents and blogs giving various syntax methods for this, and have been through them. I have also found blogs which state that authorization header is disabled but it has been reinstigated and headers do not work with get commands.

      Hopefully somebody can help here Im slowly loosing the will to code..