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    Unable to Re-Edit Video via Dynamic Link

    Jeremy Gadd

      I have Adobe Premiere CS4, updated to 4.2 lately. I am able to import a PP sequence into Encore via Dynamic Link (DL). This works fine and I can burn off a DVD, but when I go and edit something in PP the changes are not reflected in Encore. The only way I can see the changes is by deleting the PP sequence in Encore and re-import it via DL. This is OK but means that the sequence needs to be transcoded again and so takes another hour+ to finish.


      I tried the following solution that I found via the Internet but it does not work for me:


      Create a shortcut to the Premiere Pro executable file, rename the shortcut to Premiere, and move the shortcut to C:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobedynamiclink.

      Detailed Steps:
      Close all Adobe applications. 
      In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Premiere Pro CS4. (If you installed Premiere Pro CS4 in a location other than the default of C:Program FilesAdobe, then navigate to your custom installation location.)
      Right-click on Adobe Premiere Pro.exe (which might appear without the .exe extension) and choose Create Shortcut. 

      Rename the newly created shortcut to just Premiere. 
      Important: The name of the shortcut must be exactly Premiere with no other characters.