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    exporting a hd flash animation as mov at 59.94 fps

    Reef Monkey27

      I wanted to see if anyone knows of a way to export a flash animation as a mov file at 59.94 fps successfully? Or does anyone know of a good work around that will still allow me to retain great picture quality? This is an animation that was done for a Cinemedia ad and they need the animation to be at 59.94 fps, but every time I export directly out of flash at 59.94 fps the resulting file is a file that is 43 seconds long as opposed to the 30 second long one that I need. Also on playback the animation doesn't run smoothly, it'll run briefly ok and then sometimes get stuck at a part and then skip a number of frames to play another part.

      Below is where you can go to view the flash file. I've been racking my brain over this for the past day and a half. I was able to successfully export a mov file at 30fps but because 59.94 is a higher frame rate I've run into issues on export.



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          Reef Monkey27 Level 1

          So I just exported my flash animation on another computer with the export settings set at Animation, 59.94 fps and it exported fine. However when I opened it up in QT Pro and looked at the Show Movie Inspector it states that the movie FPS and the playing FPS are at 16.7 FPS. So is the animation actually at 59.94 fps or is it only 16.7 fps?

          I really need to make sure it is at 59.94 for the company that I need to submit it to.