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    I need some feedback

    DAVID NAJAR Level 1
      Hi, I’m finishing my last commercial project (www.smartplanner3d.com) and I really appreciate some feedback.
      This work is a full dynamic platform to preview showrooms and spaces for events, 100% customizable, the engine file size is 41 k´s and all structured data is on xml. The cherry on this is 3D simulation and interaction on real-time. It takes me about five months to develop (it was so difficult the transition from MX 2004 to Adobe 11, in fact I rewrote the full application) and is a two people’s work, a 3D modeler and one developer (me). It´s on beta version (vBeta 0.9.173) but it is almost finished. It hasn´t the final info, photos, languages and other content stuff, is just a test release and there’s so many cosmetic issues to do.

      Thanks for your comments.

      David Najar.